Filmmaker Nica Noelle Talks 'Romance Porn' for ABC News

Jan 29, 2013 9:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — ABC News has spotlighted filmmaker Nica Noelle in a story about the “women’s porn" genre.

Calling her the “queen” of the niche because of her films like her “My Husband’s Lover” that is compared to shows on PBS’ Masterpiece Theater by some bloggers, the story focuses on Noelle’s directing techniques that focus more on softer lovemaking than hardcore pumping.

One fan of Noelle's said she was instantly hooked on the director's work because “she takes the time to write a script that is believable, sexy, kinky and even romantic at times."

The story pointed out that more porn-watching women enjoy natural-looking characters and realism. It helps them “spice up “ their marriages.

"What I am doing is passion, romance and emotion," Noelle told ABC. "People look like real people of all ages and not just Barbie dolls. They want to see something soft and romantic."

Although Noelle’s work is geared toward a woman’s “relationship” sensibilities as opposed to men’s focus on body parts, the filmmaker said her movies appeal to both sexes because they often tackle taboo topics that they can both fantasize about.

"’A Mother's Love’ is about an adult son who brings his best friend home who falls in bed with the mother. ‘A Father's Love’ follows the same theme, but with a daughter's friend,” Noelle pointed out.

The writer/director also chronicled her career in porn from writer on “Spread” magazine to a director at Girlfriends Films and how she wanted to create more passionate porn. The path ultimately led to her niche companies, Hard Candy, Girl Candy and Rock Candy for the straight, lesbian and gay markets respectively.

Noelle also weighed in on some of the societal effects of porn, noting that depictions of violence are decidedly more harmful than porn, and that we have it “backwards.”

"I don't think learning about sex and seeing naked bodies is inherently harmful," Noelle said. "We have created a society where sex is so unnatural and the shame starts so early. But we say we can watch someone get decapitated and that's OK."

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