China Shuts Down 60 More Porn Sites

Feb 7, 2013 7:15 AM PST

BEIJING — More than 60 websites, blogs and microblog accounts were shut down in China’s latest crackdown on online porn.

The government’s State Internet Information Office (SIIO) said the websites were closed for posting porn images, articles, films, amateur videos and advertisements for prostitutes.

According to reports, some of the sites featured pop-up windows with ads containing “vulgar and pornographic content and ads for sex-related drugs.”

The porn sites hit were not registered with government departments.

China’s watchdog ministry of industry and information technology is also targeting the telecom companies who provided services for the websites.

Just last September Chinese authorities shut down about 97,000 blog and microblog accounts in a seven-month long campaign that accused operators of circulating “lewd” content.

The State Internet Information Office (SIIO) also said the government shuttered 164 porn publications. The anti-porn crusade then yielded 2,446 cases that included the investigation and punishment of 287 Internet companies, and busting 41 rings involved in adult content.

Whistle-blowing citizens who tip off authorities primarily support China’s war on porn.

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