The Taliban Targets Pakistani Porn Shops

Feb 11, 2013 7:15 AM PST

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The Taliban has warned local shopkeepers to stop selling porn and male potency pills or they will face reprisals by the militant group.

Handwritten pamphlets warning against distributing “obscene” films” were found in dozens of shops when the storeowners opened their doors last Saturday in Karkhano market.

The pamphlets were distributed in the name of Tehreek-e-Taliban Khyber and said, "Selling sex drugs, vulgar films and obscene movies are against Sharia.

"All those involved in this business are warned to quit this occupation and start a lawful business or face the consequences," the warning said.

The shopkeepers' center of business borders the tribal district of Khyber, a recent hot bed of fighting between the Pakistani military and the terrorists.

According to reports, the new threats are nothing new as hundreds of stores along the Afghan border are routinely harassed by the militants.

The shaken store owners out of fear of reprisal by the Taliban anonymously reported the porn crackdown.

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