French Import Laly Goes From Cop to Porn Star

Feb 27, 2013 3:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — The Story of Laly started in the southwest of France, where she worked as a police officer long before doing a porn film.

And with still only five adult movies to her credit since 2009, Laly’s on-screen performances remain a rare occasion, which is just how she wants it. Now a full-time resident of Las Vegas, the former reality TV star told XBIZ she is poised to make an impact in the U.S. market with plans for new features, a bigger online presence and a potential run as a resident DJ in Sin City.

She picked up some early momentum by landing perhaps the most notable honor of her career thus far when she became the first Penthouse Pet of the Month ever from France in gracing the February 2013 issue.

We asked Laly about how she went from wearing a badge to wearing a G-string, as well as her plans to make her mark in the U.S.

XBIZ : What does becoming the Penthouse Pet of the Month mean to you?

Laly : Becoming a Penthouse Pet means a lot for any girl in the industry. Penthouse is a prestigious brand and the magazine is distributed widely in the country and that gives very good exposure in a very nice way. I'm French and moved to the U.S. a year-and-a-half ago, and now I'm the first French Pet ever! I'm proud of it. And I'm very excited as it gives me a great opportunity to meet my new U.S. fans!

How did this honor come about?  

I am with L.A Direct Models and Penthouse saw my pics on their website. I went to a meeting with them. We spent some time visiting the Penthouse offices and studios — a very cool place — and we spoke about some ideas for the layouts.

Who took the photos for your Pet shoot?  

I had the chance to do my photoshoots with an awesome photographer. He usually does fashion/prints, so I won't say his name. The day of the shoot we went to a beautiful house in the [Hollywood Hills]. The Penthouse crew was very professional and everybody took care of me, I was totally spoiled! During the shoot I really felt that the photographer and his assistants were very professional. They took care of every little detail and they knew exactly what they wanted to get from me. I did many shoots before with good photographers, but in porn we don't see often that level of skills and commitment to the project. I felt just beautiful and sexy that day. I wish I could do more photo shoots like that.

When did you start your porn career?

I did my first porn movie in 2009, with Marc Dorcel in France. They called that movie the "Story of Laly" and that was the biggest hit in the past 10 years. I know this success was related to my previous career but it feels good to start with a bestseller.

What were you doing before you got into the adult industry?

I was a police officer in France for four years. I attended the police academy for a year and I did three years in a night patrol, something similar to the 911 here. It was dangerous of course, but I loved that job! In 2007 I was contacted by TF1, the biggest TV channel in France, and I did a huge reality TV show, something like "Big Brother." I spent two months doing this show, and that made me very famous in my country as you can imagine...I was the first person to go from mainstream to porn.

What is your home city?

My city in France was Bordeaux, in southwest of France, and now I live in Las Vegas!

How many porn movies have you been in? 

Now I've been in five feature movies and I shot a dozen scenes for my website. I want to keep working for the companies I like. I don't really need to work for everybody out there, so I focus on doing only the kind of porn I would like to watch with my man at home.

Which movie is your favorite so far?

"Laly's Angels" was really fun and interesting to do for me. It was my first movie as a director and producer. For "Bangkok Connection," we went in Thaïland, Cambodia, Hungary and Italy. It was a very big project and I enjoyed a lot doing that movie. "Secrets of Laly" is a girl/girl movie I shot here in USA with some of the best girls in the industry. I had a lot of fun doing all those scenes with such hot girls.

What is your next porn movie?

I have a few projects in mind I'd love to shoot in the near future. One of them is a feature movie where I will be an undercover cop investigating in a motorcycle club. Big engines and hot girls are always a very nice combination... I can't wait to start shooting this one!

What do you like about being an adult model and porn star?

I love my work because I am free and I do what I want, when I want and where I want. Nowadays this kind of freedom is just priceless!

How did you start your DJ career? What is the current status of it?

When I was 18 I worked for a while as a go-go dancer in France. I always loved music and dancing and I always wanted to know how to spin CDs and play the music I like. A few years ago I had the chance to learn with a wonderful DJ producer. He taught me how to use turntables, mixers and controllers. I worked with him for two years and finally I did my first gigs... So much stress but so exciting! Then I produced a track which is distributed in France at Scorpio Music, and in Poland at Koto Records. You can find the videoclip on Youtube. It's called You and I. I'm still looking for a label to distribute it in U.S.!

What is your work plan for 2013?

I will keep shooting content for my website, a few movies maybe, and I will try to work a bit more for companies in the States. A few clubs already contacted me for feature dancing, and I probably found my DJ residence for this summer here in Vegas. I'll keep you updated with this when it will be signed. I'm superstitious! I'm also working on a few TV programs for French channels, and maybe something for a TV here...

How do you handle your website?

My website is run by me and my partner in crime, Tristan Seagal. We shoot and edit all the content and everything is 100% exclusive! There is a blog part that is free and a private area for members. I update it on a regular basis and I'm pretty proud of it. I'm working on a new one more oriented for the U.S. audience. We'll offer the same features but it will be more English-language friendly. You can check it at

What do you do in your spare time?  

When I don't work I love to go hiking, swimming, I go watch movies and I try to improve my English! Lately, I started to practice Ashtanga Yoga, it's my new big thing!

What are your goals for your adult industry career?

All I want for my career is to build a nice name in the States. I believe that more and more girls and couples would like to have a porn movie especially shot for them. I'm not interested in becoming the best performer in the industry, because it means doing things I wouldn't do at home, and that most couples wouldn't do either. Sex is good and we don't have to do lots of crazy things to enjoy it. If I can show real pleasure and make my fans happy, then I will be the happiest porn star in the world. Kiss you all!

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