CNET Uncovers Rise of E-Book Porn

Mar 6, 2013 9:00 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Porn has found a home on e-book readers despite no adult content policies from online giants like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, CNET has reported.

The article said publishers could create easily made porn e-books with hardcore images and sell them online with ease.

Companies like Camera Erotica Publications and ErotiPics are distributing titles including  “"Terrific Tits: Volume 1" and "The Dirty Blonde 2," with 80 photos of a nude woman for only $2.99. Titles like these can also be borrowed through Amazon Prime's lending library.

CNET said that although Amazon uses technology and personnel to filter adult content from its library of video and print offerings, Kindle users could still easily download porn on their Kindle Fire HD.

And Kindle isn’t the only e-book that allows user to get their kink on. “Searching for the term ‘adult picture book’ on the Barnes & Noble Nook store also produces a list of hundreds of adult-oriented e-books created by the company's PubIt! Nook Books system,” the CNET story said.

When CNET e-mailed an Amazon spokesperson a link to one of the Camera Erotica titles; the e-book was deleted from the Kindle Store, though other titles from the same author remain. Amazon said however, that it has rejected or removed thousands of similar titles. “The company explained that it uses proprietary software to check for content and copyright issues when e-books are submitted.”

There’s even porn in the squeaky-clean Apple iBook store, albeit with tamer presentations — a product of a self-publishing system that no longer requires an application process.

And you can find nooky on the Nook e-book, but Barnes & Noble didn’t respond to CNET’s requests for comment.

The article explained that porn circumvents some companies’ tech barriers because of the ease and speed in which a book is published online, and that censorship is often left up to readers through reviews and feedback, allowing publishers to exploit the opportunity.

E-book porn has not nearly reached the slick sophistication of other segments of adult according to the report, but it’s on the rise, and true to form the industry remains a content frontrunner of new technology.

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