Porn Star Siri Talks Horror-Comedy 'Ooga Booga'

Mar 23, 2013 12:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Porn newcomer Siri makes her mainstream acting debut in Full Moon Pictures' "Ooga Booga," available now at and on RedBox March 26.

"Ooga Booga" tells the tale of a black med-school student whose soul bounces into a vengeful African warrior doll when he is murdered by racist police officers.

Siri, a Minnesota transplant with 30 adult movies and a win for 2012 Best Newcomer under her garterbelt, plays The Skank, a topless prostitute who comes face-to-calf with the murderous Ooga Booga.

XBIZ spoke with Siri about her experience on the "Ooga Booga" set, her porn career and how screwing with people's minds is better revenge than poking their eyes out.

Tell us about your role in “Ooga Booga?”

My officially title is the Skank. This group of degenerates — three meth-cooking, white trash guys  living in a trailer park — run a prostitution ring in conjunction with a corrupt judge. I’m one of the prostitutes that they’re pimping out.

The film itself is like a grind house exploitation throwback. It’s really cool; a super fun film.

How gruesome is your demise?

I’m not ruining anything when I say this… everyone knows that in every horror film it’s always part of the plot that the girl that’s topless, is slutty or isn’t a virgin is always one of the people to die, and usually one of the first to die. But, here I am — the topless prostitute in this movie — and I live. There’s a scene where the doll pops up and goes on a rampage and kills everyone in the room, and I scream and run away and I live!

Did the people on the “Ooga Booga” set know you were a porn star?

Everyone was very respectful. Although I’m pretty sure that most of the crew was aware that I’m an adult film star, no one commented on it. It was kind of funny for me on set because my entire part… I’m topless the whole time. So every time they would call cut, the wardrobe girl would run over with a little robe to put around me, which I thought was hilarious because I’m used to porn; I’m used to walking around naked on set period. It was kind of funny.  I was like I don’t need this robe, but didn’t want to make it odd for them.

Have you always had an interest in acting? Will you pursue more mainstream roles?

Absolutely. One of my goals in porn is to be acting in porn parodies and feature films. It’s kind of cool that the first opportunity to act came in a mainstream movie like this. I want to do it as much as possible, and hopefully for [“Ooga Booga” director] Charles Bend again. He was a wonderful director and good to work for. I’m totally down to pursuing mainstream projects and staying with my priority, which is porn.

Do you like scary movies?

I’m totally a horror fan. But for me, horror films either have to be like [“Ooga Booga”], where it has its scary moments but it’s still campy, or the total flipside — a really weird psychological thriller, which I find scary because often there’s some element of truth to them — not just fantasy.

You broke into the adult industry in February 2012. Did you have any fears about doing porn?

No, it was something that I planned to do for a long time. I was 23 last year — I’m 24 now — but I had known since I was 19 that I wanted to do adult films. So I had the idea for four-years in the back of my head. I tried to exhaust all the possibilities of thinking about what it could be like. So I wasn’t that surprised by anything.

What planted the seed?

When I started college at 18-19, I had watched enough porn on the internet as a teenager to know that I was interested in it. Then when I started exploring my sexuality more — because I lost my virginity really late — and watching more porn; it just seemed like something I would do well and love doing. It also helped that I have that performer kind of personality. I acted in high school and college so it just all kind of came together, and I said I want to do that and I think that would be the best thing ever.

Do you have any new adult projects you are excited about?

Girl Candy Films did my first star showcase DVD. It’s called “Luscious Lesbians Exploring Siri.” Nica Noelle directs. It’s four scenes and in between she does behind-the-scenes style interviews, asking me about my career and goals, and me as a person. Then she interviews the girls I have sex with, and there’s footage of me doing something nonsexual with each of the girls — like I bake cupcakes with one of them. It gets goofy.

“Ooga Booga” uses a spear to get his revenge. If you could avenge a wrong doing, how would you do it? What would be your weapon of choice?

I definitely wouldn’t want my soul to possess a doll and then go poke people’s eyes out, which is what kind of happens in this movie. It’s a little too violent for me personally. If I could just have some magical power to get revenge on people, I’d want to be invisible so I can go into their houses and rearrange their shit, and scare them by making things float in midair. I would just screw with someone, maybe make them go a little crazy. That would be fun.

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