New 'OUYA' Android Game Console Could Allow Porn

Mar 28, 2013 11:30 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — The new “OUYA’ Android-powered gaming console due out this June could be the first system that allows porn.

Engadget reported that company CEO Julie Uhrman wants a quick approval process for games that will screen for intellectual property infringement, malware and “excessive pornography.”

But according to Gaming Blend, that leaves a loophole for developers to create “moderate porn” — a first for the gaming world.

“This is probably the first game console where the approval process allows for moderate porn. Heck, it's the first time I've heard of an approval process for a game console that even says porn is okay so long as it isn't excessive,” Gaming Blend said.

Uhrman said that similar to mobile games, developers would be subject to a quick review that can have their games in its storefront quickly.

In a recent Engadget blog interview, Uhrman said, "We have 7,000 developers who've signed up for developer accounts. The vast majority of those are first time devs, apparently.”

But the blog moderator said Uhrman was “detailing the certification process for games on OUYA, outlining the various requirements — basic stuff like not making pornographic content or content that infringes IP.”

Although there’s still speculation as to whether porn will make it on the new system, gaming stores like Valve and companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have restricted porn, making the tech world wonder if the new $99 game console will blaze a new trail and be open to more adult-friendly games.

Only time will tell as early adopters get their hands on the first batch of the Kickstarter-backed company’s consoles this month along with game approvals and certification.

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