Feminist Porn Media Event Set for April 5

Mar 29, 2013 7:15 AM PST

TORONTO — Producers of the 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards (FPAs) and the 1st Annual Feminist Porn Conference will hold a joint media event on April 5 in Toronto to discuss their passion for feminist porn.

The event will open with a panel of guests who will discuss the significance of their work, and their involvement with the FPAs and the 2013 Feminist Porn Conference, followed by a question and answer period.

Scheuled participants include speakers Carlyle Jansen, owner of Good for Her and producer of The Feminist Porn Awards; director/producer Tristan Taormino, who is the Feminist Porn Conference producer and co-editor of “The Feminist Porn Book;” performer Jiz Lee; director Matthew Clark; performer Wolf Hudson; performer James Darling; lesbian director Nan Kinney and professor Mireille Miller-Young from the University of California-Santa Barbara, co-editor of “The Feminist Porn Book” and a Feminist Porn Conference keynote speaker.

After the panel, an additional group will be introduced that includes FPA nominees, past winners, and presenters as well as conference speakers.

Members of the media will have an opportunity to meet, interview, and photograph the panelists and special guests that include: Dr. Carol Queen, sex positive feminist and founder of The Center for Sex and Culture; performer/filmmakers Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, Tobi Hill-Meyer, and Carry Gray; filmmakers Shar Rednour, Carlos Batts, Nica Noelle, Shine Louise Houston of Pink + White Productions, and Ms. Naughty of ForTheGirls.com (Australia); performers Dylan Ryan, April Flores, and Sinnamon Love; Liesbet Zikkenheimer and Marije Janssen of DuskTV in The Netherlands.

Also on hand will be professor Kevin Heffernan from Southern Methodist University; professor Lynn Comella from University of Nevada-Las Vegas; and professor Bobby Noble, principle investigator on the Feminist Porn Archive and Research Project, York University.

The event will be held on April 5 at The Holiday Inn Yorkville, 280 Bloor Street West at 12 noon in the Varsity Room on the 2nd Floor.

The guests’ complete bios can be read here.

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