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Apr 4, 2013 2:00 PM PST

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sex Toy Distributing has reported a growing trend in the already booming BDSM market seeing more traditional fetish accessories — including nipple clamps, floggers, strap-ons and more — with a feminine twist.

“Manufacturers have responded to rising nipple clamp sales with lines of alligator, tweezer and other popular styles that are as much a fashion adornment as they are sex accessories,” the company said. “Featuring colorful pinks, golds, purples and dangling beads, jewels and charms, these all-time favorites make a style statement that shoppers love.” says Fresh Pink Alligator Clamps by PHS International and Pink Crush Vibrating Nipple Clamps by Trinity Vibes — featuring a pink bullet vibe and heart charms – are two stand-outs.

Floggers, paddles and sensation accessories also have received a makeover with ornate handles, colorful accents and sleek styling. The Master Series Dazzling Eminence Flogger features a gleaming metal handle and 23 whip tails that provide a range of sensations from tickles to a full-on “cracks.” The Strict Leather Heart Tip Crop and Icon Brands Fashionista’s Glass Riding Crop are two traditional floggers featuring ornate detailing while the Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper offers a balance between hard and soft.

Even strap-ons have seen a delicate redesign that keeps the harness in place with slender straps that expose more of the wearer’s skin. The new Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Double-Delight Strap-on features silicone straps in a soft lavender color and Sex Toy Distributing says it has seen its popularity rise as interest in pegging has grown in the last year, especially with female shoppers.

“It’s fascinating to see trends like these develop and grow from the eye of a distributor, especially when they show rising popularity in categories once considered too ‘kinky,’” Senior Manager Beth Brown said. “Now we’re seeing BDSM items in an array of attractive and eye-catching colors with materials and accents that are irresistibly soft and sensual to the skin. BDSM manufacturers have officially found the balance between form, function and fashion and we’re excited to bring these new designs to retailers worldwide!”

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