Troy, N.Y. City Council Shoots Down Proposed Porn District

Apr 5, 2013 9:00 AM PST

TROY, New York — A proposal that earmarked a 70-acre plot of land for adult businesses has been shot down by the Troy, New York city council.

The idea for a red zone in south Troy — a totally abandoned industrial area that’s even reportedly environmentally unsafe —lost in a 5-4 vote.

This block is the latest move in an issue that’s been kicked down the road by Troy administrators for years, buoyed by a series of moratoriums over fears that the city would be hit with a series of lawsuits.

Although city council members have been behind lifting the moratorium on adult businesses in the depressed area, opponents had their way. Charlene Dobert, who attended the meeting told local FOX news "I don't know how they could think one community, south Troy, is not important.”

But council president Lynn Kopka said, "We cannot exclude these businesses from any of our towns or villages. They are allowed to be here.”

Troy is a neighbor of the state's Albany capital. Kopka pointed out that the business could add needed life to the area, and said some of the buildings are in such bad shape they couldn’t even be sold.

"It makes it certainly more difficult to set up shop, but they are certainly able to do so," said Kopka.

The proposal stated that the businesses would have to be 300 feet from homes and schools, but some opponents said that's still too close.

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