Greek Porn Film Study Finds Females Younger, Thinner, More Sex Toys Used

Apr 22, 2013 11:30 AM PST

ATHENS, Greece — A study of porn films from more than three decades has found that today’s female porn stars are younger and thinner. and the films include more sex toys.

Researchers at the Research Institute of Applied Communication and the Communication and Mass-Media Department of the University of Athens looked at 25 porn films in Greece from 1970-1990 and then from the year 2000 until today.

A University assistant professor, Liza Tsaliki, told the Greek Reporter that this is only the third relevant research initiative of its kind in the world.

In addiiton to the change in porn stars' body types and the proliferation of sex toys, the “Greek Porn Project” revealed that technology has led to today’s films having more location shots and there are more “crowded” sex scenes.

And mainstay action that include big breasts, kissing and traditional sex positions have remained the same, according to the researchers.

What was no surpise, the study found that men are still the big porn viewers (78 percent) and most are fairly well educated.

The researchers said that men and women have the same criteria for choosing a porn film and usually like straight and gay sex between women or group sex. And most watch sex movies to pleasure themselves or when they are sexually aroused. Some however, said they watch sex movies “when bored.”

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