Non-Profit Porn Site Funds Ethical Causes

May 3, 2013 10:00 AM PST

SARONNO, Italy — Billing itself as the “first user-generated, nonprofit, ethically driven erotic porn site,” is aiming to donate part of its profits to causes that help disabled people and those with sexual rights inequalities.

The website has kicked off with a provocative ad for the Asta Philpot Foundation where the cause’s namesake Philpot — who suffers from arthrogryposis —narrates a porn video via voiceover talking about his love for illegal hookers. He then appears at the end of the clip sitting in an electric wheelchair.

"If you don't like me or my fantasies, or you don't think I have the right ... you can kiss my ass," Philpot says.

The creators of the website said that the sex industry makes billons of dollars a year and much of online porn has negative implications.  Their goal is to reverse what they call “fake, violent, macho-centered and barely legal” porn and critically rethink the relationship of online porn and society.

“With Come4 we aim to ignite a new sexual revolution, one that has at its core people instead of money, respect for diversity instead of uniformity, and solidarity instead of selfishness.

"Our goal is to devolve at least 1 percent of the total revenue of the online sex industry to support ethical causes aimed at defending and promoting sexual rights. Provided no one is harmed and that everything is legal, is there any reason why these revenues cannot be used for better ends?,” the site’s FAQ states.

After becoming a user, people can purchase and download explicit content, ranging from amateur movies to more sophisticated erotic footage, written stories and audio files. Or users can upload new content, indicating its selling price. All content is then linked to the cause that Come4 is supporting at that time, and then the revenue is automatically generated.

The operators said they think that time has come to critically rethink the relationship between the Internet and sexuality, its global impact, role, form and scope.

“Our promise is that all Come4 cash flow will always be absolutely transparent, the interface will be smooth and friendly, users’ privacy and data will never be exploited, spam and aggressive advertising will never be used, and any inappropriate content involving violence or physical harm will be immediately removed and reported.”

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