Porn Eats Up 30% of All Internet Bandwidth, Infographic Suggests

May 6, 2013 8:00 AM PST

MONTREAL — A new infographic released by adult website suggests that porn makes up nearly 30 percent of all the data transferred across the Internet.

The huge amount of bandwidth represents porn getting more monthly visitors than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter combined.

And according to the data, porn giant YouPorn streams six times the amount of bandwidth as VOD website Hulu. And YouPorn gets nearly 800 million unique visitors per month.

Most porn watchers (70 percent of which are men) spend about 12 minutes on a site with average users visiting their favorites about 7.5 times per month.

The research was conducted by PaintBottle, a unqiue site launched in April with its zeitgeist of taking a "modern and holistic approach to adult entertainment."

Site founder John Phiilips told XBIZ, “There have been several infographics about the adult industry over the past few years, but tracing their purported sources always led to a dead-end.

"Fed up, the Paint Bottle staff spent a considerable amount of time tracking down credible sources and corroborating the data to the widest extent possible. The result is this infographic, which helps paint a picture of porn's prominence in 2013.”

The infographic actually includes a list of its sources at the bottom.

Phillips also noted that the company is embarking on new directions for porn, particularly in regard to completely disallowing user uploads in order to help fight against piracy. “Or, at least, eliminate it entirely from our site,” he said.

The full infographic can be found on the site’s blog.


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