'The Real L Word XXX San Francisco' Debuts

May 7, 2013 2:30 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO —Filly Films released queer and lesbian fetish parody “The Real L Word XXX San Francisco” on Monday.

The film is second in a mockumentary series curated by feminist director Madison Young, who follows lesbians and lesbian culture in different cities across the U.S.

“I knew I wanted to construct a project that was shot in a docu/mockumentary style so that I could create space for fun narratives and real documentation of chemistry and pleasure on screen,” Young told XBIZ. “I wanted to create a format in which the filmmaker's existence was acknowledged and the voyeuristic element of shooting the couples' sex scenes added to the erotic tension of the film.” 

Much like the original TV series, “The Real L Word XXX San Francisco” chronicles three lesbian couples and one queer femme threesome as they navigate “real” experiences like first dates, new love, work drama and breakups.

The XXX parody departs from the original show when things get steamy: viewers get to witness the makeup sex and consummated affections of the faux reality stars.

The film stars Bella Rossi, Kylie Liddell, Arabelle Raphael, Sandy Bottoms, Nerine, Siouxsie Q, Shakira, Juliette March, Dixon Mason and Madison Young — as well as the city itself. In the film, Young’s “stomping ground” San Francisco presides as an integral character, defined by its unique lesbian and queer scene and cultural aesthetic.  

“I wanted to capture the essence of the city with trolley cars, graffiti, bay windows, art work and kinky queer hot sex scenes,” Young said.

The feminist director, who “loves kitchen sex,” dished to XBIZ about her favorite sex scene, which features Siousxie Q and Nerrine, unsurprisingly, getting frisky in the kitchen in broad daylight.   

Young believes that the film’s derives a special power from its feminist context.  

“You see an authentic pleasure in this film that you won't find in a lot of other girl/girl porn on the market,” Young said. “That's because these women are empowered and calling the shots. I'm just the wild life photographer that is honored to be in their presence capturing it all as it unravels into one big juicy puddle of pleasure."

The first film in the "Real L Word XXX" series focused on the queer and lesbian scene in N.Y.C.

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