Paying to Have Tattooed Porn Ads Removed

May 8, 2013 9:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — Who says adult site operators have no heart? is voluntarily paying to have its tattooed logo and other porn ads removed from the face of a willing human billboard. reported that after Hostgator Dotcom (Billy Gibby) sold the skin on his body to a number of porn sites to help feed his family, the unique idea contributed to him losing his job as a mental health counselor. And his wife wanted the logos removed.

After reading about his woes on Vice,, that advertised on Dotcom’s face “a long time ago” stepped up and volunteered to pay to have the logos lasered off.

Dotcom said the company appreciated what he had done for them but if he wasn’t happy with the ink they’d be happy to remove it. Dotcom had no contract, so it was simply an easy arrangement.  “…they're just doing it to be nice. I had my first laser removal treatment last week,” Dotcom said. isn’t the only porn site inked into Dotcom’s face. His photos show, PornHub,,,,, and Xhamster among others.

But selling his skin is not completely out of the question for Dotcom. He told Vice that’s he’s toying with the idea of selling ad space on his penis — if the money was right.

“I really like helping people. That’s what I’d like to do with the money from selling space on my dick: start a business that can give back to the community,” Dotcom said.

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