SugarDVD's Streaming Porn Service Coming to Next Xbox

May 16, 2013 1:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — SugarDVD, the adult video service that began streaming onto consoles last year, confirmed today that it will be available on the new Xbox console, which will be debut on Tuesday.

SugarDVD already streams content on Xbox 360, Roku, iPad, PS3 and Android, among others, and hopes to capitalize on the device that now has a name after being under wraps — Xbox Infinity.

SugarDVD spokeswoman Rebecca Bolen said that game consoles are basically "multimedia entertainment delivery systems."

"Any console would benefit from having unlimited HD adult content at the click of a button," Bolen said.

Rumors floating on Reddit point to a new Xbox console with "eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU made by AMD, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM."

Xbox Infinity also will reportedly support 3D, 50GB Blu-ray discs and require Kinect 2.0 as well as game installs.

But it's still uncertain whether Microsoft's new product will require the console to always be connected to the Internet.

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