XBIZ Explores ‘The Feminist Porn Movement’

Jun 4, 2013 12:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ explored the changing landscape of “The Feminist Porn Movement” in the June issue of XBIZ Premiere magazine, which is now available online.

To read the digital edition of the special report, click here.

In an in-depth Special Focus report, XBIZ interviewed more than a dozen industry players who have become increasingly influential in the expanding movement.

Senior contributor Jared Rutter engaged several content producers and activists who believe that feminist porn is experiencing a significant growth period due in part to better quality movies, a healthy public discourse and what Carol Queen calls “the cultural and media savvy of some of its practitioners.”

Rutter also spoke to veteran producer-director Tristan Taormino, the founder of the Feminist Porn Conference, who has taken an active role in building the community.

“What I’d like to see the movement do is bring issues that have always been central to feminism—about labor, politics, power, and representation—to pornography,” Taormino told Rutter. “I’d like us to set some standards for fair, ethical working conditions that we hope others will adopt and performers will come to expect.”

The story also includes commentary from producer Nan Kinney, UCSB professor Constance Penley retailer-filmmakers Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour; and performers April Flores, Sinnamon Love and Jiz Lee.

XBIZ Features Editor Bob Johnson approached the topic from the retail angle, filing a comprehensive report on what the industry’s retailers need to know about the profit potential of the growing genre.

Johnson queried retailers such as Rachel Venning and Nenna Joiner, publisher Lori Perkins and UNLV professor Lynn Comella.

Good Vibrations’ purchasing manager Coyote Days told Johnson that feminist porn “allows to stray from the norm typically seen in porn movies.”

Meanwhile, XBIZ Associate Managing Editor Ariana Rodriguez caught up with Dee Dennis, the founder of the CatalystCon, a nationally known sex-positive conference that was designed to foster “communication about sexuality, activism and acceptance.” The next edition of CatalystCon is scheduled for Sept. 27-29 in Woodland Hills, Calif.

To supplement our coverage of CatalystCon, Rodriguez interviewed Lilith and Jezebel of the “Evil Slut Clique,” which is credited for being instrumental in the development of the conference through their consulting firm, ESC Forever Media.

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