Posh U.K. Boarding School Considers Porn Star Sex Ed Teacher

Jun 19, 2013 9:30 AM PST

CAMBRIDGE —Students at The Leys might be able to get a bit more for their $28,000-a-year tuition in the coming years — like a sex ed teacher with porn credentials.

Headmaster Mark Slater of the posh boarding school said he would hire a porn star with proper “values” to tell his or her story to pupils. Slater believes that such a testimony might dissuade children from veering to Internet porn.

“If somebody is spending their life doing that they may not have the sort of perspective on life that we would want,” he told The Sun, implying that he has stringent criteria for his potential porn star instructor.

“I wouldn’t rule it out simply because of what they have done in their life, if I felt that person was going to put across good values and be a good influence,” Slater added.

The Leys is well known in England for it’s abundant silver spoons and A-list alumni, including Peter and Christopher Hitchens, Sir Alastair Burnet and J. Arthur Rank.

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