Porn Shot in South London Council Parking Lot

Jun 20, 2013 4:00 PM PST

LONDON — Several hardcore porn films have been shot on the roof of Sutton Council’s eight-story parking lot, the Daily Mail reported.

The most recent video, clocking in at 11 minutes, was brought to the attention of police by a “furious resident who found it on an Internet site,” local government councilman Tony Shields said. 

“I have seen it and it is about as explicit as it gets,” the council member said. “It wasn't a kiss and a cuddle. If you were coming back to your car with your shopping it would be very shocking.”

The film shows a woman in the backseat of a taxi as it drives around South London. Civic buildings are clearly visible through the car windows.

Later, the woman and the taxi driver exit the car and have sex on the roof of the council-owned Gibson Road parking lot in broad daylight.

A still shot of the film has the sentence, "So maybe I'll have you first and him after" superimposed on the image. 

“I did not think Sutton was a favored porn film location, but it seems it is rather the porn capital and Gibson Road car park is the film set,” Shields said.

Three other hardcore films have reportedly been shot at the same parking lot and are currently circulating on the web.

Local police are running an investigation to determine what offences, if any, the shoot garnered.

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