Porn Stars Talk Celeb Sex Tapes With Daily Beast

Jun 21, 2013 9:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — What seems to be a never-ending fascination with celebrity sex tapes, some top porn stars told The Daily Beast just how they feel about mainstream types invading their professional territory.

Jessica Drake, Joanna Angel, Kayden Kross, Dana DeArmond, Kristina Rose and Kiara Mia dished the dirt on celeb sex stars from classic Pam Anderson to newbies like Farrah Abraham who’ve instantly made themselves household names.

Both DeArmond and Rose took to twittering their feelings about Abraham’s flash fame. “Ugh!  I should've gotten famous for being an idiot and then done porn instead of the other way around,” DeArmond tweeted.

After the “teen mom” looked like a fish out of water at a recent convention Rose tweeted photos of herself and cohorts making faces with Abraham in the background.

Drake, a consultant on the Octomom tape professed to be a student of the genre and said about the 1995 Pam Anderson tape,“ I know that one was more of a fluke than the ones going on today. That was celebrities who really did make this private homemade sex tape. It was something that people were really interested in. Now it is not an accidental thing. It is something that is so incredibly contrived that you have these people with these floundering careers and their PR people are actually suggesting that they make these sex tapes. Then you have companies that are offering pseudocelebrities a certain amount of money to make sex tapes.”

The Wicked Pictures star pointed out that she feels bad for the Octomoms of the world who make poor decisions thinking their instant mainstream fame will last. She said porn is forever. “They are now branded as a porn star even if they don’t plan on doing anything else. It may have worked for Kim Kardashian, but she is an anomaly.”

Supposed “leaked” tapes was also a sore point with the stars. Kross said that the angles on some of the films belie the idea that the tape was not intentional and a “stupid trick.”  “Look at it! No one has sex like that with all those exact right angles for the camera and not a single weird face,” Kross told the Beast.

She also noted that as cable TV increasingly shows more nudity, and the porn industry increases its quality, celebrities are using porn as a launch pad to help bridge the gap.

And what bugs some stars even more are some celebrities’ sex skills. Although Angel pointed out, “People will always want to see someone naked who shouldn’t be,” “Keeping Up With Kiara Mia,” star Mia — who’s aping Kim Kardashian’s sex tape — said it “was not her [Kardashian's] best performance."

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