'Storage Wars' Star Wins Porn Tape Lawsuit Against Hunter Moore

Jun 24, 2013 10:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — “Storage Wars’” Brandi Passante won a lawsuit against revenge porn vet and former owner of IsAnyoneUp.com, Hunter Moore, for disseminating an alleged fake sex tape of the A&E reality star.

Judge James V. Selna of the central California U.S. District Court awarded Passante $750 plus legal fees and costs on Friday. She filed the suit in October of last year, claiming that Hunter posted a pornographic video of a woman pretending to be her. 

He also issued a permanent injunction requiring Moore to “remove any remaining and undisclosed content of video from all websites and restraining defendant from disseminating the content of the video.”

Passante originally asked the judge for $2.5 million in damages and said that she experienced anxiety, loss of sleep and anxiety because of the impostor tape.

Selna rejected the sum, stating that Passante provided “absolutely no support for this calculation of damages.”

The plaintiff alleged that Moore not only posted the video, but taunted her on Twitter and sent her a photo of his penis with an unpleasant message.

"I'm not a virgin to cease and desists. I get about a million a day,” Moore told Gawker. “I don't give a fuck. I'm never going to stop. People threaten me with lawsuits every day, which is funny, because it fuels the site.”

Passante has the option to submit a renewed application or actual damages within 30 days of the judge’s order.

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