Amateur Porn Video Shot on BART Train Goes Viral

Jul 15, 2013 9:30 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — An amateur porn video filmed on the BART subway system in San Francisco went viral on Thursday, attracting 1.1 million views or roughly five times the number of people who ride the train each day.

The one-minute video shows a man and a woman having sex in the back of a BART train while it travels through a tunnel. The woman casually straddles her partner while a third party films the scene with what appears to be a cellphone.  

The partially disrobed performers laugh and shrug at the end of the video, looking towards the camera. There is no visible nudity or display of genitals in the clip.   

"Lewd activity is not only highly inappropriate on BART, it is illegal,” BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said. “It can and will get you banned from the entire system. Do yourself and the families who ride BART a favor and keep it in the bedroom."

Trost is referring to a new state antidecency law that gives the agency the power to ban riders convicted of a multitude of infractions for using the trains for a year.

Since BART began enforcing the law two months ago, 32 prohibition orders have been issued, for reasons ranging from public urination to drug dealing to indecent exposure.

BART spokeswoman Luna Salaver said the agency is reviewing the video and will be looking for the truant offenders. She echoed Trost's statement that lewd activity will not be tolerated on the BART and can result in a one-year suspension from the subway system.

Last month a man recorded a naked gymnastics routine inside a BART train, similarly attracting buzz online. The man was reportedly found and later arrested.  

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