SugarDVD Developing Porn Features for Google Glass

Jul 15, 2013 3:30 PM PST

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —  SugarDVD is the latest company to jump on the Google Glass bandwagon.

On Monday, the company said that it plans to develop a new set of features made specifically for Google Glass, despite the porn ban set in place for the technology.

"While Google Glass has shut down adult apps, SugarDVD continues to reign as the app authority when it comes to working around possible limitations," company spokeswoman Rebecca Bolen said.

SugarDVD, so far, has apps on iPad, Playstation 3, Roku, Xbox 360 and more, and Bolen says that it shows it has "no problem getting past adult content restrictions" on any device.

"SugarDVD is currently an app, similar to Netflix, that allows subscribers to access unlimited adult movies for $7.95 a month from their preferred device," Bolen said. "Google Glass, however, opens up a new world of possibilities for the adult space, and namely, SugarDVD.

"In the SugarDVD app, users can browse categories like 'All Girl,' 'Amateur,' and more instantly. With Google Glass comes the inevitable influx of porn shot with the mobile headset recording device. Google Glass will allow a new kind of up close and personal feel to the POV genre, as the porn stars themselves become the directors, without the constraints of being forced to hold a camera."

SugarDVD said it is also developing facial recognition technology to use with Google Glass.

"Users see a porn star they like, and SugarDVD’s technology will tell the user who she is, what her other movies are, where to watch them, and recommend similar content," Bolen said. "The adult company is looking into using this technology for mainstream actresses as well, so users can find that perfect adult actress look alike for their celebrity crush. Even though Google has 'banned' facial recognition, it is unenforceable, especially when reverse image lookup will be allowed."

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