Video: Porn Copyright Trolls Discussed on Bloomberg Law

Jul 16, 2013 12:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Copyright attorney Morgan Pietz recently spoke with Bloomberg Law's Spencer Mazyck about facing off against Chicago-based Prenda Law Inc. in federal court over abusive copyright infringement litigation tactics.

Pietz discusses the federal court's rationale in May for sanctioning Prenda Law, which initiated hundreds of copyright infringement lawsuits, accusing defendants of unauthorized downloading of adult films copyrighted by the law firm.

Pietz represents about 100 clients who have been served by Prenda Law, which reportedly has made $15 million in settlements and attorneys fees within the past two years against those accused of stealing porn off file-sharing sites.

Yesterday, Prenda Law filed an acknowledgement of bond conditions imposed by U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright relative to the sanctions.

Pietz told XBIZ that "Prenda et al. have attempted to reduce the bond by filing a variety of motions for reconsideration, ex parte applications, and 'emergency' motions. All of those motions have been denied." 

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