Raging Stallion, Falcon Studios Street 'Sexo en Barcelona'

Jul 22, 2013 7:00 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has released Part 1 of “Sexo en Barcelona,” from director Tony Dimarco.

The studio said the first installment of the film explores 10 “sexy, muy caliente hombres,” who display their sexuality throughout the Mediterranean metropolis.

“Shooting ‘Sexo en Barcelona’ was a wonderful experience. It was great to visit Spain and capture the buzzing sexual energy of the Mediterranean, while working with the best of their immense selection of outrageously sexy men," Dimarco said. "It’s no wonder why the people who live in this part of the world are so sexual; there are so many stunning faces and bodies.The cast of this movie is no exception, and they all loved performing and giving me their best."

A number of threesome scenes bookend the action with a cast that includes Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes, Adrian Toledo, Antonio Aguilera, Damien Crosse, Martin Mazza, Aybars, Francesco D'Macho, Marc Dylan and Frederic Duris.

“Everyone who watches this movie is going to want to buy a plane ticket and head to Spain for their own ‘Sexo en Barcelona.’ The destination, the men and the settings Tony Dimarco put together for this movie are extraordinary,” Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios President Chris Ward said.

He added, “When you take superstars like Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Marc Dylan and Aybars; you add six more intense and handsome men; and you get Tony Dimarco behind the camera to capture the sensational machismo and sexuality — you know it’s going to be out-of-the-world gay porn.”

The movie can be found in retail stores and purchased directly at RagingStallion.com.

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