Jacky St. James to Talk Porn on TradioV.com

Jul 23, 2013 10:45 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Jacky St. James, the XBIZ Award-winning writer-director for New Sensations, will appear on TradioV's “Sexting with the Shrink” with Dr. Michelle Golland at 11 a.m. today.

Golland is a clinical psychologist that provides an expert’s opinion on psychological issues relating to anything in popular culture and current events. Having appeared on several hit shows including "Felt" (LOGO), "Shahs of Sunset" (Bravo), HLN’s "Dr. Drew On Call," Golland invited St. James to be a guest on her TradioV show to discuss her experiences working in adult as a non-performing, female director and to expand upon the benefits of "couples" porn in both a therapeutic and non-therapeutic realm.

St. James, whose collaborations with director Eddie Powell have garnered critical acclaim in the couples’ arena, said she was excited to share her expertise in adult with Golland’s mainstream audiences and reveal how she is working alongside several other women and men in the business to change the overall perception of the adult world.

“My mission from the day I entered the adult industry has been to bridge the gap between porn and mainstream and really normalize what has been such a scrutinized industry for so many years," St. James said. "Dr. Golland’s openness to using adult films as a tool to help couples in their own sex lives is proof that pornography has expanded beyond simply jack-off material and can actually be used to better people's lives."

Appearing with St. James will be Kim Karp and Erin Simon, two mainstream writers who have developed and written on shows at HBO, MTV, NBC, the WB, Warner Bros., Sony, and Paramount, and most recently sold a romantic comedy film script to 20th Century Fox. Karp and Simon, who are working with St. James on developing a mainstream project about the adult world, have spent time with St. James both on and off of her sets and have developed a unique perspective on the industry.

Karp remarked, "It's no secret that men and women often have different ideas of what we find erotic. For women to take charge of our sexuality, it's imperative that we be able to get off on what is inherently erotic and sexy to us. Having female auteurs in porn is absolutely a feminist issue because the last thing we need is men telling us what they think we should find sexually stimulating. To that end, Jacky St. James's porn is smart, titillating, unintimidating and nails the female fantasy world every time."

With feminism being such a hot topic of discussion as it pertains to the adult world, there is still a divisive stance among women with regards to porn and "porn for women."

Simon, a pro-porn feminist, said, “Being a feminist means, ultimately, that you believe women (and men) have the right to choose who and what and how we want to be. And that includes the right to choose to watch and enjoy one's favorite flavor of pornography (assuming one's pornongraphy of choice is created by and with consenting adults, of course)."

She added, "It also includes the right not to watch and enjoy porn. But it doesn't include the right to pass judgement on those who watch and/or participate."

The call-in line today is 855-878-4652 or tweet questions to @TradioV.

For an XBIZ TV interview with St. James and Powell, click here.

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