Canadian MP Calls for Internet Porn Restrictions

Jul 25, 2013 12:15 PM PST

WINNIPEG, Canada — Parliament member Joy Smith has called for the Canadian government to pass legislation requiring ISPs to preemptively instate filters to block legal porn online. Users can then “opt in” to turn off the block and view adult content.

Smith’s rhetoric strongly recalls British Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech given Monday that mandates similar measures be taken in the U.K. Both defended their plans as a means to protect children from the deleterious effects of porn.       

“It’s all about protecting children because now children are exposed to everything. They have smartphones, small handheld computers …” she said.  

Canada already blocks illegal images like child porn, but thus far has left legal, adult content alone.

As in other countries like India, ISPs in Canada have underscored the “easier said than done” aspect of such legislation.

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers warns that Smith’s plan would be difficult to implement and is tantamount to unwarranted repression.

"Typically you can’t filter something until you know it exists," said Tom Copeland, chair of the group. "If it’s not illegal, it shouldn’t be censored."

Most ISPs in the U.K. have announced that they will try to comply with Cameron's plan, and plan to institute default porn filters on all Wi-Fi plans by the end of the year.

“I think this conversation has to start and we have to take action,” Smith restated.

The conservative MP says she will continue to develop the bill and introduce it when Parliament resumes in the fall.  

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