L.A. Times' Morrison: Google Glass Plus Porn Is 'Unstoppable'

Jul 25, 2013 4:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES —  Patt Morrison, who pens opinion pieces for the Los Angeles Times, says that the one-two punch of Google Glass and porn is "unstoppable."

Morrison today discussed the first porn video shot with Google Glass, a collaboration between adult app store MiKandi and XBIZ, and its significance in the porn marketplace.

"Porn, like life, always finds a way to assert itself," Morrison said.

And, Morrison said, one way the adult entertainment industry has asserted itself through the decades has been through technology, such as Google Glass as well as through the outcome of the DVD HD versus Blu-ray battle.

"Google Glass can’t be bought or sold yet, but it can be, ah, re-purposed," Morrison said. "The sci-fi see-all glasses with the in-frame camera have been used to shoot a porn movie.

"Every iteration of new visual technology is immediately put to the service of porn. I guarantee you that five minutes after some prehistoric forebear figured out that he could draw a representation of a bird or a bison in the dirt with a stick, a guy a couple of trees away started sketching gonads and elbowing his buddies to come check it out," she said.

"Postcards, Polaroid cameras, VHS players, camcorders -- if it can show human naughty bits, that’s what it’ll be used for. I do not doubt for a moment that the Gutenberg Bible was swiftly followed -- if not immediately preceded -- by the Gutenberg 'Hotte to Trotte, Volume ye First.'"

The longtime Los Angeles journalist also brought up the subject of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's push to regulate porn through an opt-in program.

"Cameron would like Internet porn searches to be an opt-in feature rather than opt-out, which is to say that a computer or smartphone would automatically block pornography with a 'family-friendly filter' unless its owner overrides it, essentially saying, 'Yes, I want to be able to get porn,' " Morrison said.

"Cameron could also run into unintended consequences with his new rule," she said. "Would teenagers — minors — wanting to check old wives’ tales about not getting pregnant the first time, or anxious gay kids trying to find out more about their sexuality, discover that legitimate medical information is blocked?

"He’s already got problems with that slippery slope argument. The Sun, the brash and powerful Murdoch tabloid, runs a picture of a bare-breasted woman on Page 3 every day."

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