No Czech Asylum for Former Ukrainian Porn Star

Aug 1, 2013 8:30 AM PST

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — A former Ukrainian porn star has been denied asylum in the Czech republic based on her career in adult.

The Czech Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) has rejected the complaint of Russian national Anastasia Hagen-Hryshai who unsuccessfully applied for asylum for herself and her three sons.

The performer left the Ukraine more than two years ago to avoid prosecution over her porn appearances. At that time she applied for asylum with the Interior Ministry but was rejected despite numerous court appeals. She reportedly could be jailed and her sons taken away from her if they return to the Ukraine.

In its verdict, the NSS said Hagen-Hryshai failed to prove a political character of her persecution and that the charges against her in the Ukraine are solely based on her porn crime.

"When assessing [her] first applications for international protection, [Czech] administrative courts based their decision on the fact that the complainants were not arrested in Ukraine, no wrongs were inflicted on them, they were not excessively harassed by the police and they were enabled to leave for the Czech Republic," the NSS verdict said.

The ministry added that prosecution in a country where human rights protection does not reach the “comfort” of western standards is not alone a sufficient reason for granting asylum.

Hagen-Hryshai was given a 30-day exit visa in her passport.

"I expected it but the news still crushed me," she told local news sources.

The former performer’s only hope is to lodge an application for a permanent residence permit along with a request to wait for the decision in the Czech Republic.

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