Infographic Shows Largest Porn Hosting Countries, States

Aug 5, 2013 12:00 PM PST

CYBERSPACE — “Family-friendly” software developer Metacert has released its infographic listing the countries and states that host the most porn sites.

It’s unclear as to how the company compiled its data, but according to, Metacert founder and CEO Peter Walsh is an expert porn site researcher and zealot when it comes to creating the perfect porn-blocking software.

The company's website touts that its browser product "blocks 700+ million pages of pornography."

Not surprisingly, the U.S. is the home to most porn pages with 428 million or 60 percent of the worldwide total, according to Metacert. The Netherlands is second with 187 million pages (26 percent) and in third place is the U.K. with 7 percent and 52 million pages.

Germany and France round out the top five with 8.2 and 5.5 million pages hosted respectively.

When it comes to porn-friendly states, again, no big surprise, California ranks highest boasting 66 percent of total U.S. porn, with New York and Texas both at 8 percent, followed by Illinois at 2 percent and a tie between New Jersey and Florida at 1 percent.

Walsh also identified the most common top-level domain names used by porn sites. Again, no shock here — wins with 82.46 percent of all porn sites.

What was interesting however, was that Walsh found ICM Registry's fairly new .XXX TLD only accounts for 0.62 percent of all porn sites.

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