Bollywood Actress Stars in Porn Cartoon

Aug 7, 2013 8:15 AM PST

MUMBAI, India — Bollywood actress and model Rozlyn Khan is causing a stir in India after starring in an online adult cartoon comic strip,

Created by porn comic entrepreneur Puneet Agarwal, aka Deshmukh, the porn/Bollywood connection of  “Rozlyn Comics” could be the start of a major controversy since the production and distribution of porn is illegal in India.

Deshmukh created India’s first comic strip porn star in 2008 — "Savita Bhabhi," a promiscuous Indian housewife hailed as the “first victim of Internet censorship in India.” The cartoon website reportedly received more than 15 million hits, prompting the government to ban it the following year, much to the dismay and protests of local bloggers and journalists.

An animated movie based on the character was released last May.

India’s schizophrenic laws allow consumers to possess porn, but the content can’t be openly distributed.

According to, Deshmukh’s storyline has Khan in the role of a young “naive” girl Saina, who comes to Mumbai with big dreams and her alter ego Rozlyn.

“Perhaps this is Bollywood’s first attempt at a purely online form of media,” Deshmukh said. “For us, it’s an attempt and a recognition of the future of convergence in entertainment."

The star has been signed to license her name and likeness in exchange for royalties.

Kahn also made headlines after a rumor surfaced that director Mahesh Bhatt had plans to cast her in his upcoming movie on Savita Bhabhi.

Khan told India Today, “I am surprised to see the rising response from boys. With this comic strip I can be fantasized by millions and I don’t land up doing actual skin show. In my case it is my caricature that shall be involved in it and not me personally, so boys don’t worry just meri chitrakala dekho..haha..boys will be boys.”

Deshmukh said, “The idea is to build the on-line persona of Rozlyn into a brand and icon. Other than the revenue potential of on-line advertising and promotion, we are also looking at merchandising opportunities and licensing out the ‘comic’ character itself for offline and other media exposure/promotions.”

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