Amanda Seyfried Says You Should be 'Free' to Watch Porn

Aug 13, 2013 10:30 AM PST

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Amanda Seyfried has walked a feature-length film in Linda Lovelace’s shoes, and still thinks that porn should be accessible to all over 18 — even in the U.K.

Seyfried negated David Cameron’s recent initiative to institute default online porn filters: "You can't put a ban on it," Seyfried said in an interview with Bang Showbiz. "I mean, kids under age are still drinking. It just makes it that much more powerful. It's freedom. You should be free to watch it whenever you want."

The 27-year-old actress’ staunch support for a “free” Internet comes despite her own ambivalence towards porn.

She told media outlets last week that she watched first her porno when she was just six and found it “disturbing.”

“I've watched porn, yes. Enjoyed? No,” she said.

Yet, Seyfried embraced her character, “Deep Throat” star and eventual antiporn activist Lovelace, and still believes that there is a bright side to porn.

“In terms of how [porn] is made, how it is produced, I think there is a lot of issues, some of it is produced and made in a way that is safe and positive and that’s a beautiful thing and why not,” Seyfried said.

Other prominent names have spoken out against Cameron’s porn ban, including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and British adult actress Tanya Tate.  

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