ISP TalkTalk Introduces Porn Filter for Phones

Aug 21, 2013 10:00 AM PST

LONDON — U.K. ISP TalkTalk has rolled out its Internet filter MobileSafe app for phones.

TalkTalk mobile customers can download the app for free (currently only available for Android devices) and can choose to filter content by three categories: child, teen and adult.

The child setting blocks adults sites, social media platforms, illegal download sites and proxies. The teen setting allows users to access social media service, while the adult category bars no content.

MobileSafe also allows parents to block their children from accessing existing apps or downloading new ones, and provides some antivirus and antitheft features.

 "Once installed, MobileSafe scans all apps and if any are vulnerable, dangerous it will provide appropriate response," a TalkTalk spokesperson said.

TalkTalk explains that the app can be downloaded directly onto a child’s a phone, or onto a parent’s phone if they share it with their child. The app can only be stored on a phone's internal memory and takes up about 10MB.

The app’s advent seems to signal the beginning of U.K. ISP’s shift towards fulfilling David Cameron’s recent directive to institute default porn filters on all Internet-capable devices.

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