Tumblr Bug Posts Unwanted Porn

Aug 22, 2013 10:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — Tumblr user grumbling has been echoing around the web in response to recent erratic and unsanctioned postings of porn and other content on some pages that began yesterday.

The blogging platform addressed the issue in a statement, blaming an “infrastructure fail” for the strange happenings.

"Earlier this morning, an infrastructure failure lasting roughly 15 minutes led posts created in this window to become corrupt," Tumblr told CNET yesterday. "No data was lost, but this has been causing inconsistent behavior for these affected blogs. Our engineering team is working quickly to correct the situation."

Many site members feared a mass hack, but Tumblr negated that suspicion. There is no indication that the site failure was connected to recent controversy surrounding the future status of porn on the blogging platform.

The Tumblr support team tweeted that they are in the process of correcting corrupt posts, which users reported they could not manually delete. They noted that the issue only affected a “small number” of blogs.   

“Do NOT go on my blog,” Tumblr user loushimmy wrote. “For some reason there is some crap that was blogged while Tumblr was down that I did NOT reblog. I can’t delete it, so does anyone know how to get rid of it???? One of the posts is porn and probably a reason I lost a follower.”

Users have also complained that their news feeds are displaying random posts of members they don’t follow.

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