's Armory Studios Announces 7-Week BDSM Course

Aug 22, 2013 3:30 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — performer and BDSM expert Madison Young is partnering with Armory Studios to lead a seven-week intensive BDSM workshop for couples beginning Sept. 5.

Kink said the fall course, entitled, "An Intimate Exploration of Dominance and Submission," will include a series of intimacy labs, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops aimed at couples and triads — whether mildly curious about D/s relationships or well-versed in the lifestyle.

Young has been teaching sexuality workshops since 2004.  She said, "This is a really unique journey no matter where you are in your experience. Each class builds on the last, and shows how each aspect — physical, emotional, technique, and negotiation — builds on the others."

Unlike traditional Armory Studios workshops, the classes are not offered a la cart. Instead, Young has designed a comprehensive program with hands-on instruction, readings and homework. The course begins on Sept. 5, and takes place on consecutive Thursday nights through Oct. 17.

The classes encompass subjects including role-play, communication, sexual technique and yoga/meditation for bondage. While the class is open to single individuals, Young said that couples and triads are likely to get the most out of the classes.

"This is a participatory workshop," Young said. "Much of the instruction is about learning to communicate fully with your partner or partners, and to read the signs, physical and mental, that they're providing. There will be live demonstrations, but much of the instruction is about learning to interact with the person you're with."

The expert pointed out however, that newcomers shouldn’t be intimidated. Kink added that as with all Armory Studios, participation would be scaled to individual comfort levels.

“Dominance and submission is all about negotiating and respecting boundaries,” Young said. “We want everyone to be comfortable exploring their sexuality at their own level. This is an amazing journey, and I’m excited to teach it.”

Tickets for and more information about the seven-week course can be purchased at

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