Vibrator Mistaken for Bomb at Russian Post Office

Aug 24, 2013 12:00 PM PST

KIROV, Russia — Police in Russia said a package that caused a bomb scare at a post office actually turned out to be a vibrating sex toy.

According to the Kirov Region Police Department, a local post office was evacuated Friday after a package was reportedly "making strange noises."

Investigators tracked down the sender to ensure the object was not a bomb, RIA Novosti wrote.

The sender turned out to be a woman, who told police the package actually contained a vibrating sex toy that she wanted to take with her on a trip without packing it in her luggage. In other words, that it wasn’t a bomb.

No charges were filed and investigators commended the postal employees for "doing the right thing by contacting authorities about the curious package.

A similar incident occured in Australia in 2004 when a security officer shut down the Brisbane airport on account of a vibrator mistaken for a bomb. The officer became disconcerted when she heard it "humming furiously" in a waste basket.

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