Video: Porn Has 'Great Appeal,' Pat Robertson Says

Aug 26, 2013 5:15 PM PST

NEW YORK — In some bizarre advice, televangelist Pat Robertson told a viewer on Monday to end her relationship because she couldn’t compete with “bosomy babes” in porn films that her boyfriend was watching.

Today on the "700 Club," Robertson assured the viewer, Sarah, that her boyfriend would not stop watching pornographic films because it has "great appeal."

“You know, how do you talk to a drug addict to get him to stop taking heroin, how do you talk to somebody to stop using marijuana?” Robertson asked. “I don’t think it’s talking that does it. I mean there has to be — in the case of a drug addict — some kind of a deliverance process that goes on.”

“Porn is an incredible addiction because it touches a natural human desire, it just expands it and makes it so glamorous,” he said. “But the Bible says flee fornication, and that is a type of fornication or adultery. And we’re to flee it. But it has great appeal.”


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