Temporarily Closed Due to Too Much Porn

Aug 27, 2013 3:45 PM PST

CYBERSPACE —, a Gif aggregating site that automatically combs the Twittersphere for the juiciest (RE: most Tweeted) Gifs, is temporarily out of commission after it started turning over way too much porn for its webhost’s tastes.  

GifHell’s owners announced on the site that it will relaunch with a different host as soon as this evening — porn intact, “Notice: the porn Gifs are apparently a violation of the acceptable use policy of my host. Gif Hell will reopen tonight on more permissive hosting.”

Until the switcheroo, GifHell remains in operation, offering only a selection of the most popular non-porn Gifs.

Detected 16 minutes ago with 12 Tweets (at post time), is a clip of Justin Bieber snuggling a small child holding a stuffed monkey. The post above, also detected 16 minutes ago with 12 Tweets, is a young Asian woman swinging a baseball bat with an oversized “Despicable Me” Minion lurking behind.  

Despite the site owners’ proclamation to remain XXX-friendly, some tech bloggers, like DigitalTrends’s Molly McHugh, have voiced their irritation over porn’s infiltration of GifHell and other aggregator and social media platforms.   

“This is why we can’t have nice things, Internet,” she wrote.

To see the current top Gifs for yourself, click here.

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