Study: What Type of Porn do Australians Watch?

Aug 28, 2013 11:30 AM PST

SYDNEY — An Australian tech blogger replicated a recent U.S. study highlighting top porn search terms state-by-state for the Australian territories. What he found was a surprising amount of diversity — and perhaps grounds for Tasmanian stereotyping.

LifeHacker Blocker Angus Kidman said he borrowed the terms implemented in the original Pornhub study (making additions, deletions and alterations to suit an Australian populace), added the suffix “porn” and used Google Trends to search their prevalence in eight different territories over the last 12 months.

Because the study lists rankings, it measures relative levels of interest not absolute volume, the blogger pointed out.

The DYI study revealed that Queensland residents had the highest ranking usage for “anime porn,” “creampie porn,” “ebony porn,” “hentai porn” and “lesbian porn.”

“Other than the tourist trade, we have no clear explanation for any of this,” Kidman wrote.

Victoria reigned supreme for terms “compilation porn” and “POV;” New South Wales led for “gay porn,” sensible given the concentrated homosexual population there; Western Australia dominated for “massage porn;” South Australia preferred porn parodies; and Tasmania took the cake for “MILF” and “anal porn” searches.

While Kidman noted that the Northern Territory didn’t register on many of the searches, it did prove the far-and-away leader for the term “free porn.” The Australian Capital Territory didn’t top any of the rankings.

“How can you use this information?” Kidman wrote, and concluded: “Well, it serves to remind you that our most private habits can now be tracked in a disturbing amount of detail. It demonstrates that Google Trends can be used as an interesting measure of popularity. And if you’re assembling an online dating profile in Perth, you know to emphasize your massage skills.”

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