Morality in Media Urges Hilton Hotels to Ban Porn

Aug 28, 2013 4:00 PM PST

WASHINGTON — Faith-based antiporn advocacy group Morality in Media (MiM) urged the Hilton Hotel chain to refrain from selling from porn.

MiM’s push follows closely behind the announcement that the Scandinavian hotel chain The Nordic Choice will no longer offer on-demand porn at their 171 locations.

“We urge Hilton to look at the reasons The Nordic Choice and other chains, such as Omni Hotels and Resorts, have stopped selling pornography,” said Dawn Hawkins, MiM's executive director. “Do they really want to be in the business of contributing to trafficking and sexual exploitation?”

The antiporn group included the Hilton franchise on their Dirty Dozen List of top facilitators of porn in the U.S., saying “its adult channels that are often the first thing advertised when you turn on the TV.”  

The site hosting the Dirty Dozen List urges its supporters to contact the company and ask that it stop selling porn. It provides various addresses and personnel channels to facilitate complaints.

Hilton Hotels have not responded to MiM’s requests.  

MiM recently pressured the military to remove porno magazines like Playboy from base camp stores. While sales of the magazines were eventually halted, officials reported that the cause for removal was low sales rather than MiM's lobbying.  

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