Launches With U.K. Porn-Filter Compliant Videos

Sep 3, 2013 11:30 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — Not even British PM David Cameron could find fault with the content of an almost-erotic site launched under his namesake. features redacted porn flicks that comply with the U.K.’s strict Internet porn-filter initiative proposed by David Cameron in recent months. In other words, the short “sexy” clips contain no explicit sex whatsoever.

The site’s motto? “Free sex videos: fully adapted to the U.K. porn ban. 0% XXX. 100% drama.”

On CameronPorn, viewers can check out segments from erotic classics like “Mum Joins the Party,” “Blowing the Horn” and “A Handy Electrician” — tear-jerking dramatic material intact, but all other jerking material edited out. Mum freshens the party punch, but then the clip unceremoniously ends, giving folks at home carte blanche to end the adventure in their heads.  

“The result is a porn site that actually is safe for viewing at work, as all you get to see are the story and plot elements that sit between the usual … action,” Gizmodo blogger Gary Cutlack wrote. “It won’t leave you satisfied, but it’ll always be there.”

The tongue-in-cheek website is an ironic response to Cameron’s directive, which requires Internet users to “opt-in” to view Internet porn and makes “family friendly” filters the default setting for all online devices. He also plans to criminalize what he considers “extreme” porn, including simulated rape and other types of BDSM activity.

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