D&E Won't Shoot Bareback Content for California Companies

Sep 4, 2013 3:15 PM PST

MIAMI — D&E Productions, the target of a complaint announced yesterday by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation over shooting condom-less content, says it will no longer film for California-based companies requesting bareback films.

The move made by D&E Productions follows the AHF's request to Florida State Health officials to investigate the 12-year-old gay adult studio for violating Florida's "sanitary nuisance" statutes, which involves actions by individuals or companies that might cause spread of disease.

The AHF wants universal condom use to protect porn performers from sexually transmitted diseases, and they say testing of actors isn't enough.

"Like many studios, we were contracted by San Diego Boys studio to film adult videos," said David Adamson, co-owner of North Miami-based D&E Productions. "We provided the client with content to their specifications."

Adamson, who went on to say that the company tests all of its models "using industry standards," noted that D&E Productions has cancelled all of its production agreements with San Diego Boys.

"We hold high morals and ethics when it comes to condom-less productions and the models themselves make the voluntary and final decision," he said. "It is never forced upon and done in the strictest sobriety."

Adamson said that 99 percent of the adult footage it shoots contains sex with condoms but when models request and approve doing scenes that are condom-less, the studio tests them using the AHF HIV-1 Antibody test.

"This is the very same test that the California-based organization recommends and based on the AHF's paperwork regarding the HIV-1 antibody test. According to their own paperwork," Adamson said.

Both D&E Productions and AHF, Adamson said, agree that the health and safety is   important to all performers appearing in adult films.

"Our concern differs when a California group comes to Florida with laws pertaining to California," Adamson said. "The laws in California differ from the laws in the state of Florida. Measure B is a California law and should not be forced upon the industry here in Florida, unless the laws change and Florida passes a similar law like [Los Angeles County Safe Sex Ordinance] Measure B."

The AHF initially filed its complaint with authorities in California, but re-filed it in Florida after Cal/OSHA determined that the sexual activities in the videos in question took place in Florida under the name D&E Productions. 

D&E, which stands for David & Eddie, distributes thousands of titles worldwide. The company also operates StraightRentBoys.com, CollegeBoyPhysicals.com, BoyGusher.com, BackroomFuckers.com and AllBoysVideo.com.  

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