Porn Accounts for 30% of India's Internet Traffic

Sep 11, 2013 7:30 AM PST

NEW DELHI — Porn accounts for more than 30 percent of India’s entire Internet traffic and 90 million Indians are watching adult content on their mobile phones. reported that the results from a new survey also found that the average Indian user spends nearly five minutes watching porn every day and the porn hungry citizens visit adult sites 7.5 times every month.

Three porn sites made the list of the top 100 most watched sites with one grabbing the 18th spot, attracting 4.1 percent of India’s entire Internet traffic for the months of May and July.

Adult content is appearing on every mobile capacity in the country including chat, SMS, premium SMS, WAP, and geo-targeting, according to the report.

Despite the popularity, the Supreme Court last week vowed to come up with a plan to block Internet porn within a month’s time.

The Court heard a petition filed by Indore-based advocate Kamlesh Vaswani who said that although watching adult content is not illegal, porn should be banned because it’s one of the major causes of crime against women.

Another anti-porn advocate Vijay Panjwani’s said in a petition that the country’s not doing enough to protect children from viewing online porn.

"The sexual content that kids are accessing today is far more graphic, violent, brutal, deviant and destructive and has put entire society in danger so also safety threats to public order in India.

"The petitioner most respectfully submits that most of the offenses committed against women/girls/children are fuelled by pornography. The worrying issue is the severity and gravity of the images are increasing. It is a matter of serious concern that prepubescent children are being raped," the petition said.

Opponents of online porn want the watching and sharing of “obscene videos” to be made a punishable offense without bail.

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