The 'Porn Professor' Retires

Sep 12, 2013 4:30 PM PST

PASADENA, Calif. — After a summer of nonstop scandal that included two suicide attempts, five psych ward stints and a Twitter meltdown, Pasadena City College “porn professor” Hugo Schywzer has announced on his blog that he will not be returning to teach in the Fall — or ever — or anywhere.

“I am on medical leave for the entire fall semester, and in early 2014, will transition into disability retirement status. I do not anticipate returning to the classroom at PCC, or anywhere else for that matter,” Schwyzer wrote on his blog yesterday.

The professor, deemed academically contentious for his Navigating Pornography class, voiced his frustration with folks who doubt his mental illness, which he says has caused a “desperately difficult time for him and his family.” Schwyzer has reportedly been struggling with bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder since he was 19.

“The repeated insinuation that I’m not really ill is infuriating: people who’ve never met me offer diagnoses as well as assertions that I’m ‘faking it’ all,” he wrote.

He concludes the post with an “update” that he and his wife have “pledged to an amicable and cooperative divorce” geared towards protecting the well-being of their children.

The news follows closely behind Schwyzer’s public admittance (also published on his blog) that he has slept with multiple students and adult film performers, as recently as 2011. He formerly claimed he had reformed from having sex with students following treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.  

A Pasadena Star News reporter noted that Schwyzer co-authored the school's current policy that prohibits students from sleeping with and/or dating students. 

Schwyzer previously received media attention in February when college officials barred the public from attending a lecture for his porn course by adult crossover star and former PPC student James Deen.  

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