Japanese Users Create iOS 7 Porn-Like Photos

Sep 24, 2013 8:15 AM PST

JAPAN — Japanese users have found a way to use Apple’s recently released iOS 7 to create iPhone photos that appear to be porn.

Traditionally, Japanese porn must cover private parts with pixels or mosaics. So clever users have realized that they could create porn-like photos by using the operating system’s "frosted" or "blurred" design motif over regular pictures.

Kotaku.com reported that Twitter users in Japan are creating a de facto porn app craze by adding the mosaics to their backgrounds, covering up either actual or supposed explicit areas.

The savvy early users of the new flat design upgrade discovered that boxes that appear as pop-ups on the screen blur the background display, resulting in blurred boxes of opened folders on the swipe-up menu screen that obstruct "models'" sensitive parts.

Photos from Japanese Twitter users yoppymodel, sibayayoi, hinatanu, SuZu11143, k_okw_5, LazyHeidi, 80590809, souga0209 and kuroku_2s illustrate the growing craze.

Although the trend may seem tame by Western porn standards, the Japanese law that requires porn to be burred reportedly dates back to the Meji Era (from 1868 to 1912). And despite American occupation that relaxed some of the restrictions, the blocking of private parts aspect was reinstated.

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