N. Korea 1st Lady Emerges After Porn Rumors Break

Oct 10, 2013 2:00 PM PST

PYONGYANG, North Korea — Was Ri Sol-ju, North Korea’s first lady, a porn star?

Last month, North Korean media reports hinted that Ri worked as a performer before she met Kim Jong-un, North Korea's leader, and the first lady was not to be seen again in public — until now.

After four weeks out of the public eye, Ri made her first public appearance Wednesday. State-run Korean Central TV showed Ri attending a ceremony marking the completion of houses for professors in Pyongyang, along with Kim.

While Ri was out of the public eye, some members of the North’s Unhasu Orchestra and an art troupe were executed for making pornography and that the execution was designed to cover up Ri’s involvement, according to a report. Before marrying Kim in 2012, Ri was a singer with the orchestra.

South Korean officials recently confirmed that a porn DVD distributor ring was caught and executed in the North, but they failed to say it was connected to Ri.

Nam Jae-joon, chief of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, told lawmakers in Seoul that those who know the truth about Ri's past were killed in order to control any embarrassment that could undermine Kim’s leadership, hinting Ri’s absence may have been to do with the scandal.

The official added that Hyon Song-wol, Kim ’s ex-girlfriend, was shot to death in August for taking part in porn distribution.

Speculation over Ri's involvement in porn grew today after the Korea Times posted a headline story on the scandal today. It can be viewed here.

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