Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas Pens 'Making Peace With Porn'

Oct 14, 2013 1:45 PM PST

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Billed as a couple’s guide, Allison Vivas told XBIZ that her new book, “Making Peace With Porn: Adult Entertainment and Your Guy,” was born from personal experience — and personal anxieties.

“The fact that I wasn't always ‘cool’ with porn myself was my main inspiration,” said Vivas, a wife and mother, who as her book’s intro states, “happens to be” the CEO of porn production company Pink Visual. “I initially had a lot of misconceptions about the adult industry, porn actresses, producers and why men watch porn in general. I really felt like the idea of my guy looking at porn meant that he didn't want to be with me." 

She continued: “It was actually all my years of being in the industry and seeing the data, meeting the producers and talking to the actresses a bit that helped me realize that watching porn for men is perfectly normal, and oddly I began to understand why men watch porn and it helped boost my own self confidence.”

Vivas may have made her separate peace, but she says she witnessed the same dilemma plaguing friends and acquaintances. Women, she asserts in her book, often feel insecure, inadequate and/or uncomfortable when faced with the fact that their partner watches porn; And with evidence that as many as 100 million people watch online porn daily, the majority being men, one could imagine a significant number of troubled spouses, girlfriends and lovers arising as a result.   

So, Vivas took action, compiling personal experiences, anecdotal evidence and research based on modern public data like Google Trends, as well as scholarly research to produce “Making Peace With Porn.”

One of her favorite findings incorporated into the 240-page book was a 2001 study from the University of Vermont that showed evidence that 80 percent of married women fantasize about men other than their husbands.

“It's one of my favorites because I think it makes us women have to ‘get real’ with ourselves and not act as if the only man that a woman ever fantasizes about is the one she is married to, and use that same understanding of her own fantasies when discussing the topic of porn viewing with her guy,” Vivas told XBIZ.

The book is composed of 19 chapters and culminates in five lessons Vivas learned from her career in porn, number three being that “porn stars aren’t really hotter than the rest of us.”

“Making Peace with Porn” is now available on Kindle or as a paperback through Amazon.    

To see a SFW trailer for the book on YouTube, click here.

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