Channel 4 Premieres 'Date My Porn Star' With Tanya Tate

Oct 22, 2013 3:45 PM PST

LONDON — Last night Channel 4 premiered “Date My Porn Star,” the latest installment from its ongoing program series, Campaign for Real Sex.

The documentary’s filmmakers used a unique premise to explore Porn Valley: three self-professed porn-obsessed fans from across the pond were sent to L.A. to meet their favorite XXX starlets for a date, all the while learning about the inner workings of the industry.   

British lads Kevin, Jonathan and Danny were sent off to see Jessica Jaymes, Tanya Tate and Cody Cummings and gain a more tempered perspective of the industry.

Tate posted an edited clip from the show on her YouTube channel, which shows her date with wheelchair-bound Jonathan. When he says that his five previous marriage engagements fell through, she offers him relationship advice and gently questions him about his expectations — is he looking for a “real girl” or a fantasy?      

Former porn star Vanessa Belmond also makes an appearance to share her less-than-erotic tales from her days in the biz.     

According to several reviews, the show prominently bared its anti-porn slant.

A reviewer from Metro wrote, “It was all too neat and moralistic. There are two sides to every story but this one never flipped, as they say in the trade.”

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