XXX Truth or Dare Pulls Out of LGBT Market

Oct 25, 2013 3:30 PM PST

VANCOUVER — XXX Truth or Dare says it is moving out of the LGBT adult game board space to focus on its core business unit of couples and swingers.

“We have been very proud and humbled to support the LGBT community with our products over the last several years, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the people we have met along the way,” XXX Truth or Dare founder Pam said. “It is now time for us to focus on our core business of couples and singles, in and out of the lifestyle.”

The company also markets the DareTwo and TheSexySwinger games.

XXX Truth or Dare offers eight interactive board games and the DareTwo Android app will also soon be available on Google Play and IOS.

The flagship XXX Truth or Dare game is based loosely around the truth or dare concept, this adult board game involves body parts, oil, food, drink and sexual tension.

The game comes with a board, dice, cards and lots of sexual fun. There is also an accompanying “play” kit available, which features a seductive mask and whip, an edible thong, edible paint tubes, special cock rings, and more.

The object of the game is to be the first to reach the end of the board. The winner becomes the master of the game, and all players must submit to his/her will.

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