Survey: 96% of Icelandic Internet Users Have Watched Porn

Nov 1, 2013 2:00 PM PST

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — A survey conducted at the University of Iceland revealed that a vast majority — 96 percent — of the participants had viewed porn online, the News of Iceland reported today.

The survey was dispersed and shared through Facebook and included 500 non-random people.

While 40 percent said they had seen porn “against their will,” (including accidentally), most people queried reported positive impressions of both their personal experiences and of porn in general.   

Half of the respondents said that they thought porn was “exciting” and 60 percent said porn should be “legal but somehow limited.”

A third of the participants believed that porn improves people's sex life and just under 50 percent said they had tested things they saw online and thought were exciting.

A majority of people said that they watched porn alone for masturbation purposes and generally chose to view intercourse between a man and a woman.

The researcher who conducted the survey, Gudbjorg Hildur Kolbeins, noted that the stats matched up well with a related Nordic study conducted in 2005.

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